Assisting in supporting the activities of SHUJAN

Duration: 6 – 9 months

Duties and responsibilities:

Under the overall guidance of senior members of SHUJAN the intern will assist the process of the organizations activities and in a way learn about governance and related issues.

Assimilates and analyze and write report of different types of elections.

Carry out studies in election and governance related issues.

Collect, enter and analyze data related to different types of elections at different tires of governance and related fields.

Work closely with the SHUJAN team and coordinate in the volunteers working with SHUJAN

Education: At least completed undergraduate degree (Bachelor) and current enrollment in a Master’s degree or equivalent. Only those students who will return to their studies upon completion of their internship assignments are eligible.

Field of study: Public Administration, Governance, Political Science and Development Studies

Language skills: Written and spoken proficiency in Bengali and English

Demonstrated interest in the field of governance and development

Enthusiastic about the role of youth volunteerism and participation in governance and development and ready to learn.

Good oral and written communications skills and some research abilities and interest
Internet proficiency as well as proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) is required.

General Terms and Conditions

The Internship Program is on an unpaid one. During the internship day meal will be provided from office canteen free of cost.
The intern maybe asked to go to field if required.

The purpose of the Internship Program is not to lead to further employment with SHUJAN but to complement an intern’s studies. Therefore, there should be no expectation of employment at the end of an internship.

A computer based test will have to be taken by the applicant and only those who pass the exam will be taken as interns.

Those who are interested please download the application form and submit it on on-line.

Here’s the link to download the application form



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