Get Involved

The promising start of the democratic movement in the country, which began with the anti-dictatorship movement, encountered several obstacles. However, a new opportunity presented itself after the 2008 Ninth National Parliament election, to facilitate a smooth democratic transition. The establishment of good governance at all levels of the state, through the implementation of democratic principles, transparent and strengthened electoral processes, the independence and reform of constitutional institutions, effective and self-governing local government institutions, and ensuring equality and justice in society are significant challenges. Regrettably, we have not been entirely successful in meeting these challenges.

Conscious citizens, like you, who play an active, vocal, and positive role are crucial in creating a truly democratic and self-reliant Bangladesh. As the saying goes, “freedom is not free,” and it demands eternal vigilance, an effective role, and appeal from citizens. By engaging with “SHUJAN,” you can play such a role and contribute to the cause.

There are four ways to involve in SHUJAN’s activities. You may choose to become an ordinary member by paying a membership fee of Tk 200 and submitting a membership application form through SHUJAN’s local committee. Alternatively, you may become a lifetime member by paying Tk 5,000 (five thousand taka) in cash.

Additionally, young people and students have the opportunity to join “SHUJAN-Bandhu” and become an intern at SHUJAN’s central secretariat. We firmly believe that with the collective efforts of all, we can make our beloved motherland, Bangladesh, a happy, prosperous, and self-reliant nation.