Organizational Structure

SHUJAN has its organizational committee at four levels following its management policy. These four levels are central, Zila, Upazila, and Union. The national and executive committee at the central level, Zila committee at the Zila level, Upazila committee at the Upazila level, and Union committee at the Union level will carry out the organization’s activities. Besides, for organizational growth in urban areas, Metropolitan and Municipal committees will be established in cities under the jurisdiction of City Corporations and Municipal areas, respectively. If interested, Union committees would be able to form ward committee. Metropolitan and Municipal committees will hold a status similar to that of Zila and Upazila committees, respectively. If necessary, committee at each level would be able to appoint an advisor or constitute an advisory council.

The Metropolitan committees shall oversee all organizational activities in the Metropolitan areas, whereas the Municipal committees will be responsible for managing such activities within the Municipal areas. Meanwhile, the respective District and Upazila committees will oversee overall organizational activities in the entirety of the District outside the Metropolitan area and the entire Upazila outside the Municipal area, respectively.

Each Division will have a Divisional committee to coordinate the organizational activities. The convener of this committee will be the president of the Zila committee of the Divisional headquarter, and the member secretary will be the secretary of the Zila or Metropolitan committee of the Divisional headquarter.

The president and secretary of each Zila and Metropolitan committee will be the members of their respective Divisional coordination committees. Any social or voluntary organization that adheres to the principles and ideals of SHUJAN may operate as an associate organization of SHUJAN.

Based on the principles outlined above, SHUJAN is carrying out its activities nationwide while adhering to the values of impartiality, unity, integrity, transparency, accountability, equality, and non-discrimination. The organization’s structure is built entirely on voluntary work.

At the national level, there are two main bodies in charge of the organization’s activities: a central executive committee composed of 21 members (including eight members from the divisional level) and a larger national committee made up of 181 members. The national committee includes members of the central executive committee as well as the presidents and secretaries of the Zila and Metropolitan committees.

In addition to the national level bodies, SHUJAN has established committees in various urban areas, including Metropolitan, Municipal, Thana, and Ward committees, as well as District, Upazila, and Union committees. Currently, there are 8 Metropolitan committees, 64 Zila committees, 400 Upazila committees, and 600 Union committees actively operating throughout the country, totaling approximately 35,000 members. SHUJAN also has 122 life members.