What is SHUJAN

SHUJAN-Citizens for Good Governance is a non-partisan citizen’s platform.

The main objectives of SHUJAN are to institutionalize and promote democracy and good governance in Bangladesh. The goals to achieve those objectives are: (a) to make citizens aware, active, vocal, and organized to ensure the rule of law, protection of human rights, equality, justice, transparency, and accountability as well as the practice of democracy at all levels of society; b. To form public opinion and act as a ‘pressure group’ for the desired reforms in all concerned areas and to play the role of auditor and ‘dark watcher’ for the desired changes in all these areas.

SHUJAN’s management principles are neutrality, unity, honesty, transparency, equality, and non-communalism.

The “Citizen for Fair Election (CFE)” started its journey through a press conference on 12 November 2002. Initially, the organization aimed to ensure the process to elect honest, qualified, and public welfare candidates. However, later, the goal was set to establish democracy, development, and good governance in the country. On 21 December 2003, the organization was officially named “Citizens for Good Governance,” abbreviated as “SHUJAN,” in line with its goal.

It is important to note that “SHUJAN” is not an NGO funded by donors but rather a non-partisan voluntary citizen initiative. It was created by a group of conscious citizens who felt a sense of responsibility towards society. Its activities are led and funded by individuals directly or indirectly associated with this initiative.